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Latest Ofsted Report

Bizzy Bees Pre-School CIO recently underwent an OFSTED inspection and are pleased to announce that we received an overall Early Years Provision of Good , with the following aspects being highlighted within the report

What is it like to attend this early years setting?

Children eagerly arrive at the pre-school and demonstrate that they feel safe, happy and emotionally secure. They form close bonds with all staff, including their key person, and make friends with others. Children are enthusiastic learners and become quickly absorbed in their play.

Staff actively encourage children to develop their independence and sense of responsibility. Children behave well and are taught the importance of being respectful to others, to share and take their turn. Children receive praise for their efforts and achievements. This develops their self-esteem and motivates them to continue to persevere at their chosen task. Children proudly share their dough creations and the marks they make on paper and envelopes in the 'office'. They explain that the marks on paper represent words such as 'mummy'. Older children can write their name.

Children thoroughly enjoy exploring the 'sand garden'. They pretend to bury treasure in the sand and eagerly demonstrate how they can balance and move across the cable drums and tyres. They have fun and laugh as they wobble, before stretching out their arms to steady themselves. Children immerse themselves in imaginary play. They handle knives to cut real vegetables and make pots of tea using cold water and real tea bags, before serving this to their friends.

You can view the full OFSTED Report for Bizzy Bees Pre-School CIO by clicking here or by visiting the OFSTED website by clicking here.


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