Bizzy Bees Pre-School CIO

Parents and carers in Pre-School

You are always welcome to stay during a session, join in your child’s play and share their achievements with staff. Many children enjoy the company of an adult. It is important for your child that you take an active part in the Pre-School in any way you can, so that he/she feels that you are a part of the group. You may be able to share a special skill or interest such as music or cookery with the children.


The staff are always glad of any help and will be grateful for your assistance with the children’s activities. Your help is also appreciated with fund raising events and on the Pre-School management committee.



September 2020


We offer 15 and 30 hours funding across all sessions, breakfast & lunch club.


Breakfast club 8.15-9am: £4.50


Morning session 9am-12pm: £13.00


Lunch club 12-12.45pm: £3.75


Afternoon session 12.45-3.45pm: £13.00


All Day (without breakfast club): £29.75

A Day in the life of a Bizzy Bee!

8.15am - Breakfast club

9am - Opening time, find beehive name, self register on board

9.15-11.35am - Free play outside or inside

10-10.45am - Rolling snack

11.35am - Tidy up time

11.45am - Group time (2yr olds and 3yr olds separate)

11.55am - Bags and coats ready for pick up time

12pm - End of session

12-12.45pm - Lunch club

12.45pm - Afternoon session

1pm - Free play outside or inside

2.15-3pm - Rolling snack

3.20pm - Tidy up time

3.30pm - Group time

3.45pm - Home time

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