Bizzy Bees Pre-School Activities


Children are encouraged to paint freely and choose their own colours. They are not limited to the number of paintings they can do. They are not shown how to paint and at first may simply wish to cover the paper with colour. When they have had a great deal of experience with that, they may begin to draw and paint houses and people.

Painting and Drawing

Children find this fascinating, and they may get soaked in the process, plastic aprons are provided. Play can be experimental, e.g. studying what the water does when it is poured, splashed or dripped. Water is soothing to an excited child and is a safe outlet for aggression. In using water and sand, children gain ideas about weight and volume.




Dry sand, like water is soothing. Wet sand can be moulded and controlled. Very wet sand, like mud, can be squeezed and squashed. Most children welcome the opportunity to be “messy” in some way.



At Bizzy Bees we offer opportunities to share in the enjoyment of singing, playing instruments, movements, reciting rhymes and finger plays. Everyday sounds are a vital part of the young child’s world and he/she is encouraged to explore sounds, to listen and to experiment.


Depending on the recipe used, dough can take many forms. It can be stretchy or firm, pliable or crumbly, but the different properties it demonstrates encourage the children to experiment and use their sense of touch. Playing with dough can be enjoyed by one child on his/her own or as a group activity. All that is necessary for good dough play is a plentiful supply of dough and time to explore its possibilities.


A variety of books are always available for the children to look at, handle and enjoy. The children may look at books on their own or share them with other children or adults. The sharing and enjoying of books together will help foster the growth of their imagination and develop a love of language that will encourage them to want to read themselves later.



Children need the challenge, daring and joy of running, jumping, climbing, balancing, throwing and catching. We try to provide an environment in which children’s physical needs can be fully extended rather that suppressed. By using these and other physical play equipment children can not only strengthen their muscles and learn control over their bodies, but also develop skills in judgement and decision making.

Climbing Frame, Boxes and

Balance Beams

These cutting and gluing activities may be “messy” but they give the children the opportunity to experiment. They help children to learn about shape, texture, colour and work in 3D. The end result may not look much to the adult, but it is the fun and experience that the child has had in creating his/her “masterpiece” that is really important.

Junk and Collage


This is a corner set aside in the pre-school to give a cosy, homely feeling without being shut off completely from the rest of the activities. Various props and items of furniture are arranged here. By acting out imaginary situations based on real life, the children can explore and begin to understand their own emotions and have some insight into other people’s feelings and behaviour. The home corner is sometimes transformed into a doctor’s surgery, hairdressers or station.

Home Corner

Children will also have the chance to experiment with construction toys and cookery. There will be nature and interest tables and visits from people in the community. All these activities will help develop ideas about the world in which we live.

Other Activities

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