Is registered for children aged from 2 years to school age.

Provides free pre-school care and education for children from the term after their 3rd birthday.

Is open every week day 9am until 3.45pm. School term time only.

Is judged by Ofsted as good with outstanding areas.

Offers full day care. Lunch club is £3.75 and sessional care costs £4.25 per hour.  Fees are payable in advance either half termly or weekly by arrangement with the Manager.

Is a registered charity managed by a committee of parents elected at an Annual General Meeting held in October each year.


To help fulfil the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and societal development of each child.

To provide a stimulating and emotionally secure environment in which each child and adult is valued equally.

To acknowledge the role of parents/carers and to promote their involvement in pre-school activities.

To develop and maintain close links with local schools to enable continuity of experience and a familiarity of the school environment.

To liaise with appropriate child care agencies to promote child welfare.

To promote pre-school learning as a vital part of child development.

Our Aims

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Bizzy Bees

The children are encouraged through play to:


Share and play with other children.

Trust new adult carers and accept new situations within the pre-school environment.

Experiment with a variety of materials and activities.

Express themselves in many different ways.

Become active readers and writers.

Solve problems.

Accept individual differences.


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Bizzy Bees has served Wootton and the surrounding villages since 1972. We offer quality care and pre-school education for children aged two years to school age and are open each week day 8.30am until 3.45 pm term time only. We offer full day and sessional care as well as a Breakfast club and lunch club.

Bizzy Bees had our Oftsed inspection on 13th March 2015, we were delighted to receive a 'good' judgement! To view our full report, please click on the link above, If you would like a hard copy, please ask Paula or Tracy

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